Rosen Jeliazkov: We will bring legislative proposals to the EP under the Mobility Package I

We have prepared legislative proposals on the Mobility Package I, to be submitted by the Bulgarian MEPs to the European Parliament. This was announced by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Rosen Jeliazkov after a meeting with representatives of the branch organizations in the road freight transport. Minister Rosen Jeliazkov said the Bulgarian side will insist on a derogation (postponing the application) of the texts related to the introduction of a ban on weekly rest in the vehicles until the proper infrastructure to ensure the safety of drivers and trucks is built.

Regarding the introduction of the posting rule for drivers in so-called cross-border operations where a Bulgarian truck is loaded in one of the member states and unloaded in another, Minister Rosen Jeliazkov said that the EP would defend the position that the new rule would apply to vehicle management within 72 hours or 10 cross-operations per month .

The Minister pointed out that, on the other important topic, the return of drivers every 4 weeks, the texts are inappropriate and unfair. They violate fundamental rights guaranteeing EU citizens to choose their own free time. For these reasons, the Bulgarian side will insist on introducing clarity in these principles, as the drivers themselves will certify in the enterprises, where and when they will use their breaks, he added.

Minister Rosen Jeliazkov reiterated that the measures in the common approach to texts in the Mobility Package I, during the Austrian Presidency, discriminate against the Bulgarian transport sector, while at the same time benefiting the countries of Central Europe. "Our position and considerations remain unchanged and we demand fair rules for all member states," the minister said.

Representatives of industry organizations voiced support for the work and actions of the minister and his team, pointing out that dropping the 4 week return requirement to the state of establishment is a success, but it is not enough. In their words, such proposals condemn bankruptcy as one of the major sectors in the country's economy. They firmly declared their readiness to organize protest actions before the European Parliament, seeking support from their counterparts from other countries, disagreeing with the cooked changes.

On this occasion, Minister Rosen Jeliazkov said he is in constant contact with the Bulgarian representatives in the European Parliament and plans to go to Brussels in early January. He was categorical that he would also attend the protest of the carriers because we all need to defend the single national position.