Rossen Jeliazkov before the EU Ministers: The organizations, which share data shall have an easier access to EU funding

The socially significant data can become more accessible if the organizations that share them voluntarily are provided with incentives as an easier access to EU funding, and reduction of the regulatory barriers for testing and innovations. Stated the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Rossen Jeliazkov during the Informal videoconference of EU Telecommunications Ministers. The proposal of the Data Governance Act was discussed in the course of the conference.

The voluntary provision of data for research or statistical purposes as well as their safe, secure and reliable exchange can be achieved by increasing the trust between the stakeholders, added Minister Jeliazkov. He said that the aim is the necessary conditions to be created for the physical persons and companies to trust that when sharing their data, organizations based on the EU values and principles will process them accordingly. „The data collection in an uniform format will increase significantly the trust in the voluntary provision of information for research or statistical purposes, which will greatly benefit sectors as medicine and transport“, concluded the Minister.