Rossen Jeliazkov: It is important to me what the position of the “Greens” will be on the Mobility Package I

It is important to me what the position of the “Greens” will be on the Mobility Package I, who, in view of this, support a Package that will not achieve decarbonisation in Europe but will lead to carbonization. This was stated by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications – Rossen Jeliazkov, during a special briefing. According to him, during this period of time when the “Green Deal” initiative is being discussed (as regards reducing of carbon emissions and combating climate change), within the preliminary agreements, the Presidency of the Council of the EU and rapporteurs in the EP impose texts that will increase the level of harmful emissions from the movement of trucks.

Rossen Jeliazkov pointed out: “This gives rise to great confusion and doubt as to how serious the ambitions of some Member States are to actually reduce the pollution from the movement of trucks. Currently, inconsistency is being observed between the policies pursued at European level, and that calls into question the overall functioning of the EU“.

Rossen Jeliazkov said: “The return of the vehicle to the country of establishment at a specified frequency is neither a social, nor a proportionate measure, and that clearly indicates that the ambitions initially set out in the Mobility Package I – have not been achieved. Entire regions of the EU will be practically detached if the requirement about the return of the trucks to the countries of establishment is adopted. The decision will restrict the access of the transport carriers from peripheral countries to the Single Internal Market“. He added that this will interfere with the proper functioning of the Single Internal Market and will threaten the fundamental principles of the EU.

The Minister emphasized that the improvement of working conditions for drivers and the improvement of road safety are the last elements that have been taken into account while reaching these agreements. In his words, this is confirmed by the requirement for the vehicles to return in 8 weeks and for the drivers to return in 4 weeks in the country of establishment or in the country of registration, and it is not yet clear whether the proposal of the like-minded Member States has been accepted (the drivers to choose for themselves where to spend their rest). The Minister emphasized that according to the latest texts it is prohibited for drivers to use the 45 hours weekly rest in the cabins of trucks, and the proposal of the European Commission is adopted – about the construction of guarded parking lots with appropriate conditions for resting of the drivers.

Rossen Jeliazkov further commented: “I will suggest to the ministers in the group of the like-minded Member States, as well as to those not satisfied with the unilaterally imposed texts, to present together a joint declaration to make it clear to European citizens: there is discrepancy between the result of the trilogue and the objectives set out in the initiative proposals of the Mobility Package I. I hope that neither the Council, the Commission, nor the EP will finally approve such provisions“.

Rossen Jeliazkov strongly stated: “In any case, the lack of proportionality affects all countries in the periphery of Europe, no matter whether they are from the western, eastern, Baltic or southern periphery of the continent. With regard to our position, we have stated our intention to address the Court of Justice of the EU to protect the interests of the peripheral Member States. It is quite clear that these texts are disproportionate and even discriminatory“.