Rossen Jeliazkov made an appeal to Finland to be a neutral broker during the discussions on the Mobility Package I

The Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Rossen Jeliazkov, made an appeal to Finland to be a neutral broker, as a Presidency of the Council of the EU, during the discussions on the Mobility Package I. This happened during conversations between Minister Rossen Jeliazkov and the Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland, Sanna Marin. The meeting is part of the visit of the Bulgarian Minister at the European Parliament where the forthcoming steps about the Mobility Package I are being discussed.

The Minister stated unambiguously that discussions at Working party level, before having a proper mandate from the EP, will be harmful for the negotiation process. Rossen Jeliazkov stated unambiguously: “The topic is highly political and we consider that it is difficult to distinguish between technical work and political discussion”. He recalled that the General Approach adopted by the Council of the EU in December 2018 had created a lot of controversies and deepened the existing divisions between the Members States of the EU and was not supported by almost one third of the Member States. Rossen Jeliazkov added: “Although Bulgaria does not accept the General Approach, we, together with the like-minded Member States, have always expressed readiness for constructive work on clarifying the controversial texts of the Mobility Package I“.