Routes for the practical test of applicants for driving license are now determined automatically

From today, the routes for the practical tests of applicants for driving license are automatically determined by an electronic system. This measure is part of the government's policies to improve road safety. The implementation of the electronic route cards will increase the control of the state and will reduce the subjective factor and opportunities for unregulated practices.

The innovation foresees that before the start of the exam an electronic system will automatically select the route the applicant will take. Until now, this has been determined by the chairs of the exam boards, raising suspicions that some applicants are being given easier routes. The application shows the direction of the upcoming and next manoeuvre, the applicant will not follow the map, the commands will be given by the chairman of the exam board.

The routes are in accordance with the legal requirements for the preparation of applicants. At the beginning of each exam, the system generates a task that includes the elements specified in the regulations and monitors whether it is being performed via GPS.

Every route change is logged and there is the possibility of follow-up control. It is allowed to change the predefined route only in case of objective reasons - repair, change of traffic organization, traffic accident, etc.

The chair of the exam board has the task of noting in the system the errors made by the applicant, and at the end of the examination the system determines the result.

The new module has been integrated into the existing electronic system for the practical examinations, no budget funds has been spent on it and it will not result in additional fees.