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Taxi drivers will obtain renewed certificates without passing an exam


Taxi drivers will obtain renewed certificates without passing an exam. This was agreed upon today by Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Ivaylo Moskovski and representatives of the taxi industry. At present, exists the requirement after the expiration of the five-year validity of the taxi driver certificate the drivers to pass an exam. The industry pointed out the lack of such requirement for other professions and that it is appropriate to reissue the document administratively after the payment of the relevant fees. Minister Ivailo Moskovski said that he supports the request of the business and will order this requirement to be be waived.

Carriers proposed also for discussion other issues relating to the interpretation of the legislation, the organization of the taxi activities and the required documents during checks of drivers and carriers. Minister Ivaylo Moskovski said that should be reviewed and clarified the concepts in the legal texts that regulate the operation of carriers and taxi drivers. The aim is to avoid various interpretations, leading to difficulty for both the controlling authorities and the industry. According to him, it is necessary to create a mechanism to allow the taxi business to operate and develop like all other commercial activities.