European dialogue on Internet governance (EuroDIG)

It is always open, always inclusive, never too late to get involved!

The Republic of Bulgaria will be the host of the European dialogue on Internet governance (EuroDIG) 2015. The Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications is an institutional partner to Unicart, Bulgaria in the preparation of the event. The event takes place annually to highlight in particular the specific European approach to Internet governance. EuroDIG 2015 will be held on 4 - 5 June 2015 in Sofia, Kempinsky Hotel Marinella. This year’s forum in Sofia will be preceded by a regional meeting of Southeastern European countries on the Internet governance issues.

The overarching themes of the two upcoming events are as follows:

For the Regional Forum on Internet governance – “Multistakeholder Internet governance: from the global debates to the South Eastern European realities”; For the EuroDIG 2015 forum – “Shaping the Internet together!”

What is EuroDIG?

EuroDIG is not a typical conference, but an open platform, the agenda of which is tailored by its participants. Everyone could join the preparation and the very meeting by proposing topics related to the hottest issues in the Internet field.

Hosts of EuroDIG are various European countries, in order to promote the national debates as an integral part of the European dialogue on the topic. All stakeholders participate (governments, research institutes, academy communities, media, businesses and civil society).  A central role has the Council of Europe and the 47 member-states, since human rights and the right to freedom of expression and information in particular underlay the free and open Internet.

Established in 2008, until now EuroDIG has undergone seven editions – Strasburg 2008, Geneva 2009, Madrid 2010, Belgrade 2011, Stockholm 2012, Lisbon 2013, Berlin 2014.

You can register for the event on the official EuroDIG 2015 web page. Registration will continue until the 31st of May 2015.

Organizational steps:

The participants of the First regional forum on internet governance in Southeastern Europe SEEDIG can apply to a fellowship programme at the IGF Secretariat in Geneva that lasts for six months

International Summer School for young people  dedicated to  new media and Internet Governance Policy

Finalizing the agenda

Finalizing the main topics of discussion

Proposal of topics for the event.

First steps in the organizational process.


EuroDIG partners: The Council of Europe, the Federal office fo Communications of Switzerland, the European Broadcasting Union, Ripe NCC, the European commission, EURALO, the European youth forum, Co:laboratory, ISOC.