Final Report on Technical investigation of railway accident-derailment of locomotives from freight train No 30561 within departure from fourth track at switch No 11 in Zimnitsa station оп 23.12.2014

 At 07:05 AM on 23.12.2014, the freight train No 30561 derailed in Zimnitsa station just after starting its movement towards Burgas station. Both the electric locomotives with no. 92034 and no. 92027 of DB Schenker property that serviced the train composition derailed with all of their bogies on rail track No. 4 at switch No. 11 of the station.

No casualties occurred in result of the accident, but damages were caused to both the locomotives and to the infrastructure.

Due to the infrastructure restoration works, the train movement between Zimnitsa and Straldzha stations was interrupted until 18:15 hrs. on 23.12.2014.