Final Report from Technical investigation of а significant railway accident - collision of diesel locomotive No 07032.6 in international fast train No 493 during an attachment on fifth track at Plovdiv station on 09.08.2015.

At around 9:47 p. m. on 09.08.2015 while implementing a shunt for attaching to the composition of the International fast train No. 493 traveling in Sofia-Plovdiv-Istanbul direction, the diesel locomotive No. 07-032 collided with the only wagon of the train at a speed of approximately 18 km per hour on the fifth track of Plovdiv station. The wagon was moved 7 meters as result of the collision.

In result of the collision, one passenger was seriously injured and another eight received light traumas.

It was inflicted a light damage to the only wagon of the train.

Passengers were served by bus from Plovdiv to Istanbul.