Final Reports From Carried Out Investigations Into Aviation Occurrences in 2020

Final report of the Commission for investigation of an accident, realized on 09.05.2020 with a JA 600 aircraft (SKYLEADER 600), registration marks LZ-ACS, operated by a pilot owner, during landing on the Lesnovo Airfield

On 09 May 2020, at 13:17 local time, a JA 600 aircraft (SKYLEADER 600), registration marks LZ-ACS, operated by a pilot owner, took-off from runway 28 at Lesnovo Airfield in the direction to Rila Lakes. When in the air, the pilot reported irregular engine operation and decided to return to the Lesnovo Airfield. During a landing made on RWY10, at 13:21 h, the aircraft, making low-speed turn to correct the trajectory, stalled and fell on the runway at first with the right semi-wing and after that on the fuselage of the aircraft. The plane suffered severe damages, and the pilot was hospitalized with low back pain.

Final report of the Commission for Investigation concerning the serious incident (Airprox) involving the Boeing B737-800 aircraft, registration marks D-ASXP, operated by SunExpress Deutschland GmbH and the Boeing B737-800 aircraft, registration marks OM-GTF, operated by Go2Sky, spol. s r. o., on 12 August 2018 in the controlled air space of the Republic of Bulgaria

On 12 August 2018, the two commercial Boeing B737-800 aircraft with callsigns TVQ6129 and SXD7BY were cruising in the Bulgarian airspace under the control of the Sofia Area Control Centre (ACC).

At 06:29:48 UTC, while at FL 240, the crew of TVQ6129, performing a charter flight from Antalya (LTAI) to Bratislava (LZIB) reported to the Sofia ACC East Sector air traffic controller (ATCO), FL 240 to point ETUBA and did not want to change the current flight level. At 06:38:18, the crew of SXD7BY, performing a charter flight from Burgas (LBBG) to Frankfurt (EDDF), also reported to the ATCO climbing to FL200 to point NAVOD and requested a climb to FL380. Initially, the ATCO allowed climbing to FL220. At 06: 41:48 UTC, ATCO issued an instruction to SXD7BY on FL220 to turn left to heading 270°. Instead of carrying out the instruction, the flight crew started to climb to FL270, which led to the approximation of 2.5 NM horizontal separation from TVQ6129, which was flying on FL 240 at the time.

Final report of investigation of a serious incident, occurred on July 25, 2018 at Burgas Airport, Bulgaria, involving the  McDonnell Douglas MD-82 aircraft, registration marks LZ-LDW, operated by „Bulgarian Air Charter Ltd“, during passenger embarkation

On July 25, 2018, the McDonnell Douglas MD-82 aircraft, registration marks LZ-LDW, operated by „Bulgarian Air Charter Ltd“ was prepared for a flight from Burgas (LBBG) to Berlin (EDDB). During passenger embarkation, after leaving the aircraft stand the apron bus while maneuvering around the aircraft and hit the wingtip of the aircraft right wing. The damage to the right wing of the aircraft did not allow the flight to be performed. There were no consequences for the flight crew, the passengers and the ground handling crew. The flight was cancelled and the passengers were returned to the terminal.

FINAL REPORT from the investigation of a serious accident on July 16th, 2018, by McDonnell Douglas MD-82 aircraft, registration LZ-LDM, upon approach for landing on the Tarbes–Lourdes–Pyrénées Airport, France

When performing a charter flight under flight number BUC 8115 from Catania Airport (LICC), Italy, to Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport (LFBT), France, a MD-82 aircraft with a LZ-LDM registration, owned by the AO “Bulgarian Aviation Charter”, operated normally in the take-off stage, on route and a descent to a height of 380ft AGL in the landing approach. At this height, the aircraft broke the descent profile. At distance 480m before threshold of RWY 20, the aircraft was at 46ft AGL. The runway threshold was past at a height of 35ft, a little bit to the right of the centerline. At 350 meters after the runway threshold, the captain executed a “go-around”, but without a change in engine thrust. The A/C flew a total of 1680 m without increased engine thrust at a height of 46, 35, 33, 107 and 50ft above the ground respectively, with a respective reduction in speed closed to stall. After GA thrust of the engines were applied, the A/C recovered the profile and the crew continued the flight normally to the alternate airport Toulouse.

FINAL REPORT from Investigation of a serious incident, realized on 14.08.2019 by Cessna 172N airplane, registration marks LZ-SPB, operated by Air Operator Avio Detachment Varna Ltd on  Lesnovo Airfield, District of Sofia.

On 14.08.2019, a Cessna F172 N aircraft, registration marks LZ-SPB, took off from Lesnovo airfield to perform a training flight in the training flying area above the Iskar Dam. A few minutes after take-off at an altitude of 3600 ft, the trainee pilot noticed appearance of fumes (smoke) from the left side of the dashboard. The instructor decided to terminate the flight, return and land back at the Lesnovo airfield. During the return flight, vibrations occurred and the engine shut down just before the threshold of RWY10. The aircraft landed successfully without further damages and without injury to the crew.

FINAL REPORT from Investigation of an aviation accident, carried out on April 20, 2019 by aircraft ZODIAC CH 601, registration marks LZ-ASN, in a demonstration flight over the stadium of the village of Orizari, Plovdiv District.

On April 20, 2019, a ZODIAC CH 601 aircraft, registration plates LZ-ASN, performs a demonstration flight over the stadium of Orizari village, Plovdiv district, upon the opening of a radio-controlled drones competition. At about 10:11 hrs, the plane flies over in a horizontal flight, at an altitude of about 10 m above the stadium, and begins climbing. The left wing detaches from the body of the aircraft. It rotates to the left around its longitudinal axis, flies at about 100 m, hits trees and falls on the right bank of the Maritza River. When hit on the ground, PIC and a passenger aboard die. The plane is completely destroyed.