Final report of investigation of serious marine accident - fire and explosion in ballast tank of m/t "VF Tanker 7", on 3.04.2017

At about 1030 on 3 April 2017, as a result of welding works on the s/b side of m/t "VF Tanker 7", moored in the port "Terem- KRZ Flotski Arsenal - Varna ", a fire occured in the space between the ship and the adjacent pier.

Vapors from spillage of oil products on the water surface ignited. The fire spreaded quickly from the nose to the stern. Approx. 1 minute after the start of the fire, an explosion occurred in the s/b side ballast tank № 7. The fire was extinguished with the help of the crew and the shore fire brigade.

There were no injuries to crew members and shipyard workers. As a result of the explosion, the hull of the ship in the area of s/b ballast tank № 7 was heavily deformed. A subsequent underwater inspection found 3 holes under the waterline. A floating boom was deployed around the ship.

The tanker has arrived in the port on 2 April 2017, under a ballast, empty and gas-free cargo tanks.