Economic Activity and Property Management Directorate


  1. responsible for, organizes, and supervises the proper, lawful and effective use and management of immovable and movable property made available to the Ministry;
  2. organizes and carries out the logistical supply of the Ministry (machinery, equipment, spare parts, tools, organizational equipment, supplies, materials, equipment);
  3. provides maintenance and repair of the real estate and movable property provided to the Ministry;
  4. is responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of the vehicles of the Ministry; organizes and provides the cleaning and meets the sanitary and hygienic requirements in the administrative building of the Ministry and the adjoining premises;
  5. proposes the adoption of dispositions in terms of real estate and movable property of the Ministry in order to achieve maximum efficiency;
  6. assists the "Crisis Management and Euro-Atlantic cooperation" Directorate in carrying out its functions;
  7. plans public procurement and prepares a timetable for their implementation during the year;
  8. organizes and coordinates the public procurement in the Ministry;
  9. prepares and submits information and notices of public procurement to the Public Procurement Agency, respectively to the "State Gazette";
  10. compiles and maintains a register of public procurement conducted by the Ministry;
  11. is responsible for filing the documentation on the performed procedures of public procurement.

An official from the Directorate, authorized by the Minister, is responsible for the main and auxiliary register records of real estate of the ministry based in state ownership.