Secretary General

The Secretary General shall manage, coordinate and control the functioning of the administration under the Minister.

The Secretary General shall organise the activity for the accurate compliance with regulatory acts.

The Secretary General shall carry out the administrative management in regard to the execution of the instructions of the Minister. He/She shall:

  1. organise the distribution of assignments among the administrative units of the Ministry;
  2. create conditions for a normal and effective work process in the Ministry and supervise the carrying out of assignments;
  3. manage the process of implementation of automated systems for the work of the administration;
  4. control and coordinate the activity of the management and ownership of the state property given to the Ministry;
  5. approve the expenses for the administration management;
  6. prepare an annual report on the administration activity, which shall be submitted for approval to the Minister;
  7. organise the preparation of draft budget for the administration.
  8. carry out communication with the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers.

When the Secretary General of the Ministry is abroad or on one's legally allowed leave, his/her functions, for each particular case, shall be performed by a specific Head of Directorate, appointed by the Deputy Minister.