Bulgarian organizations can participate in a Europe-funded tender with a budget of € 27 million

A total of € 27 million is the budget of the second 2019 competition in the Telecommunications sector of the Connecting Europe Facility. Proposals will begin on 4 July 2019 and will continue until November 14, 2019. The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, as national coordinator of the program in the Telecommunications sector, supports Bulgarian organizations wishing to join .

The competition is divided into several themes, with cybersecurity being the largest - 10m euros for all EU countries. Activities will be funded to strengthen the capacity of national competent authorities, single points of contact, digital service providers as well as national focal points for information security incidents. Projects may include building cyberspace infrastructure or skills development.

For releases related to free access to public sector data, € 5 million will be earmarked for all participants. The aim is to support the development of information products and services based on the re-use of data from the public and private sectors.

The Connecting Europe will finance projects relating to electronic procurement and application of electronic forms of public procurement. The budget is 3 million euros.

EHealth is also a topic in the upcoming contest. In 2019 support will continue to be focused on cross-border exchange of data from electronic prescriptions and health records of patients. The organization that applies for funding must have the support of the national authority responsible for eHealth. The maximum funding for a country is € 1 million.

Bulgarian organizations can also submit proposals for joining the modules of the European e-Justice portal - electronic evidence; a system for cross-border electronic communication within the judiciary; interconnection of registers for insolvency proceedings. The budget is 3m euros for all modules.

The program will also fund projects to support the creation of the European platform for skills and jobs in the digital field.

The EC covers up to 75% of the cost of each of the approved projects. More information is available on the MTITC website: