EA “Road Transport Administration” launches new e-services

Executive Agency "Road Transport Administration" launches 9 new electronic administrative services. Thus, the agency services, which are offered electronically, become 67 out of a total of 84. Hence, the total number of provided electronic services exceeds 74%. The agency issues more than 330,000 administrative documents a year, more than 95% of which could be submitted electronically.

People now have the opportunity to submit electronically, via specialized application, applications for a theoretical test for a driver in the cases stipulated by the law, for a test for a driver of a taxi, as well as for a test for a driver or a consultant for the transportation of dangerous goods. Re-issuance, renewal or issuance of duplicates of digital tachograph cards, driver qualification cards and ADR driver's license for dangerous goods shall be requested electronically.

A total of 12 registers and a database are connected. This allows various data to be automatically exchanged electronically with the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Finance, the National Revenue Agency and the Guarantee Fund. This exchange, on the one hand, terminates the requirement for paper documents issued by various institutions, on the other hand, increases control and eliminates the possibility of technical errors. If the vehicle has an officially terminated registration, it can no longer undergo a technical inspection until the registration is restored. The system does not allow for mistakes in entering the registration numbers during technical inspections, as has been the case so far.

More than 28,000 qualification cards, 26,000 digital tachograph cards and more than 7,500 ADR driver's licenses are issued annually. The new electronic services and the connection of registers will optimize the information processes in the agency, which will significantly reduce the time for document processing and information exchange between institutions.

The project also covers the equipment of all 80 inspection teams of EA “Road Transport Administration” with tablets, printers and modern cameras. This will enable inspectors to carry out control through a new specialized system. It will allow for a real-time verification of available information on vehicles, drivers and hauliers in national and European registers. In case of irregularities, the issued act shall be registered in the system immediately and printed, while foreigners who do not have an address registration in Bulgaria will immediately receive a penal order without the need to visit the regional departments of the administration. The new system allows for integration with POS terminals and there is a plan to equip the vehicles with such within the year, in order the foreigners to be able to pay on the spot the imposed fines. The system will distribute the tasks of the inspection teams according to their competencies and the supervisors will have the opportunity to monitor their work more effectively in real time. In case of violations in the documents submitted by the drivers or in case of non-submission, the system will automatically signal the control team to take action. Supervisors will have the opportunity to see in real time whether action has been taken. This will reduce the time for inspections, improve control activities and reduce corruption factors.

The project provides an excellent basis for upgrading. The information systems provide opportunities for connection with other registers, if such are introduced by national or European institutions. The system allows for exchange of information with the cameras of the Road Infrastructure Agency in the future and to perform an automatic check of road traffic, and in case of violations to send a message to the inspectors of EA "Road Transport Administration", exercising control on the road.

The project "Upgrading the registers maintained by the Executive Agency "Road Transport Administration" for periodic inspections of the technical worthiness of vehicles and training and examinations for acquiring the right for driving a vehicle. Development of a new model of control activity based on risk assessment" is co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Operational Program on "Good Governance ". The value of the project is BGN 990,553.


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