Hristo Alexiev: I insist that the Concession Agreement and the anti-epidemic measures at Sofia Airport be strictly observed

I insist that the anti-epidemic measures at Sofia Airport be strictly observed. This is what the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Hristo Alexiev ordered in the framework of an inspection of the organization and compliance with anti-epidemic measures at Sofia Airport.

Together with the representatives of all competent institutions, the possibilities for finding working solutions were considered. The Minister ordered DG Civil Aviation Administration to organize a meeting that week, at which all responsible authorities, together with the concessionaire of Sofia Airport, would outline in detail the possible solutions for improving passenger service and anti-epidemic measures at Sofia Airport.

"I see dirty areas, poor hygiene and crowding of people, which should no longer be allowed. Increase disinfection and monitor more strictly to observe a distance of 1.5 meters between people and wearing masks", Minister Hristo Alexiev said. According to him, it was necessary to change the organization of passenger service and to prevent gatherings of people at peak hours.

The Minister insisted that everything necessary be done to optimize the so-called bottlenecks where passengers are checked in, as well as the ventilation system to continue operating at maximum capacity.

Minister Hristo Alexiev expressed satisfaction with the work of the Border Police, which have significantly increased the capacity of the counters for passenger service.

The concessionaire's commitment in the offer for the level of passenger service had not been met. Therefore, Minister Alexiev concluded that it was very likely that this inspection would be followed by a sanction, as stipulated in the Concession Agreement.