Inspections of two companies started due to the serious traffic accident on Trakia Motorway yesterday

The Executive Agency ‘Road Transport Administration’ started a full inspection of the carrier Bozav EOOD, whose truck caused the serious road accident on the Trakia Motorway yesterday. The inspection is carried out on the order of the Minister of Transport and Communications Georgi Gvozdeykov, who has requested a comprehensive analysis of the activity and efficiency of the Executive Agency ‘Road Transport Administration’.

During the initial inspection it was found that the crashed truck was registered in the license of the company Logtrans BG EOOD. A total of 12 trucks are listed with the license. The crashed truck with registration number A1256HH had an expired technical inspection on 10 April 2023. Another truck of the company with the number A6687НK was also found to have an expired technical inspection on 09 March 2022.

It was subsequently established that the truck that caused the accident yesterday was sold in December 2022 by Logtrans BG EOOD to Bozav EOOD. However, Logtrans BG EOOD has not fulfilled its legal obligation to deregister the vehicle from its license within 30 days, for which it will be sanctioned. For this reason, a due diligence inspection of the overall activity of the carrier Logtrans BG EOOD was immediately ordered.

Bozav EOOD holds a domestic freight license № 11532, issued on 05 March 2021. 4 trucks are registered with the license, of which only one has a valid technical inspection. The same transporter owns another 5 vehicles that are registered as roadside assistance, 3 of which do not have a valid roadworthiness test. The carrier did not include the truck that caused the accident in its licence, which is classified as unauthorised transport under the legislation and penalties should be imposed. In the last two years, the carrier has been sanctioned 6 times, in four of the cases it was found to be carrying unauthorized cargo, and the other two were for overloading and uncovered cargo.

In the course of the inspection it was found that the company Bozav EOOD has expired financial stability on 18 February 2022. For this violation, a report will be drawn up and a compulsory administrative measure will be imposed — temporary suspension of the carrier's activity with revocation of the certified copies of the license, until this irregularity is corrected.

Upon completion of the due diligence inspections, all necessary actions will be taken, in accordance with the Agency's legal powers, to sanction the responsible legal and official persons.