Lack of sufficient IT capacity is the most common problem in cybersecurity

Insufficient IT staffing capacity is one of the most common challenges to guaranteeing cybersecurity, according to 64 percent of those surveyed. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Andreana Atanasova at a roundtable on Information Security Issues. Next, 48 percent of organizations say cybersecurity is not sufficient, and 45 percent say there are some gaps in the regulatory framework and the practice of outsourcing IT services, in some cases leading to poor quality.

Resource security is a problem in administrations at the moment, the Deputy Minister summarized. She recalled that the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications (MTITC) has been designated as the National Competent Authority for the Transport, Digital Services and Digital Infrastructure sectors.

“To date, in the three sectors, MTITS has identified 66 organizations that, according to the Methodology for Designating Essential Service Operators, meet the criteria of the law. However, practical problems arise in the application of the regulatory requirements. Therefore, it takes a long time to fulfill the expert and organizational control function of the MTITC. "

At the same time, MTITC is actively working to implement the law, said Andreana Atanasova. A draft amendment to the Rules of Procedure has been prepared, the functions and responsibilities of directorates have been allocated, the designated operators of essential services have been notified and the procedure for ensuring the security of the information environment of the ministry is underway, the deputy minister added.