MTITC Calls on Bulgarian Organizations to Participate in Pan-European Consultation on Investment in the Digital Economy

The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications calls on Bulgarian organizations and citizens to participate in a public consultation of the European Commission on the Digital Agenda for Europe 2021-2027. The program has a budget of € 9.2 billion. The public consultation focuses on the priorities and project proposals for the first 2 years of the 2021-2022 program. The consultation is open online from 25 July to 25 October 2019 at economy. All interested parties - small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies, public administration, research organizations, non-governmental organizations, civic associations, the academic community and citizens - can be involved in the consultation.

The questions relate to the views of organizations and citizens on several priorities. The first is aimed at deploying high performance computing (supercomputers). Cybersecurity and building a secure, quantum communications infrastructure are also the focus of the program. An important topic is the creation of shared data spaces and their use for the development of artificial intelligence. The Strategy Paper also pays close attention to short-term digital skills training programs and the spread of digital technology in all sectors of the economy and society.