State recommendation logistics sector with development of transport and digital infrastructure

The state recommends the logistics sector with the construction of modern transport infrastructure and the development of fifth generation mobile networks. This implies that the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Andreana Atanasova opens the Logistics Conference in 2019. The organizers of the forum with the Bulgarian Transport Press and Logistics Magazine.

The Deputy Minister recalled that within the 2007-2013 programming period, 120 transport projects with a total of nearly 2 billion could be implemented under OP. euro. "With the funds from OP Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014-2020, railway projects in the East - West direction are being implemented with a total value of over 1.3 billion. A total of about 860 million railway projects are being implemented under the Facility for Europe. "she added.

According to Andreana Atanasova, vignette fees are also being invested in such a solution and work is underway on the road infrastructure. In 2019, we expect to live about 400 million. You can add that in order to use the efficient introduction of current charges for heavy goods vehicles, the model will be used for financing the road sector and for heavy weighting of traffic, which must be achieved in a better quality on the national road network.

Logistics is increasingly dependent on digital endurance, a step-by-step guide is being used to select fifth generation mobile networks, said Andreana Atanasova. As one of the measures it relates to, it is relieved of the base-station mode that is used for fifth-generation communications. Over time, the sending of transport, information technology and messaging messages has been the national coordinator for the free movement of data that can be used for logistics.

In conclusion, used for a ministry that has been upgraded for both transport infrastructure and digitization, it can manage to change the management of logical data, so that an administrative test must be observed and the resource issue addressed.