AAIU Final Reports From Carried Out Investigations Into Aviation Occurrences in 2018

FINAL REPORT on investigation of a serious incident, realized on 11.03.2018 with B737-400 aircraft, registration marks TC-TLC, operated by TAILWIND AIRLINES AO, in a flight on route Antalya - Zurich over the territory of Republic of Bulgaria

On 11 March  2018, B737-400 aircraft, operated by TAILWIND AIRLINES, TC-TLC registration marks, was conducting an Antalya-Zurich flight with 89 passengers and 7-member crew on board. At overflying the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, at an altitude of 33700 ft, the cabin was depressurized. The crew put on oxygen masks and released oxygen masks in the passenger compartment. The crew undertook an emergency descent and performed a forced landing at Sofia Airport at 10:08 UTC. The landing was performed without any problems for the passengers, crew and aircraft. The passengers were transferred to another airplane to continue the flight to the final destination.

FINAL REPORT on investigation of a serious incident, realized on 09.09.2017 with A320-231 aircraft, registration marks LZ-LAD, operated by Bulgarian Air Charter AO Jsc, in a ferry flight from Bratislava airport to Sofia airport.

At 10:30 UTC on 09 September 2017, the flight crew of a/c Airbus A320-231 with registration LZ-LAD of “Bulgarian Air Charter” operator, while performing a ferry flight from Bratislava (Slovakia) to Sofia (Bulgaria) and shortly after leveling off at FL 330, received warning message on ECAM “ENG2 FUEL FLOW LOW”. The engine motion was retarded to IDLE. After assessing the situation, the flight crew decided to continue the flight to LBSF at FL 250. While implementing approach the flight crew received new warning message on ECAM ”ENG2 FADEC ALTERNATOR” with subsequent loss of indication of the rotation speed of high-pressure rotor of the No2 engine and the flight crew shut down this engine at 1100ft AGL, in a stabilized approach. The landing to the LBSF was normal, with no consequences caused to the crew and the aircraft.

FINAL REPORT from the investigation of a serious incident occurred on June 30, 2017 related to a bird strike of AIRBUS A321-211 aircraft, registration marks D-AIAC, in the controlled air space of the Republic of Bulgaria.

On 30 June 2017, at 07:09 UTC, daylight time, Airbus A321-211 with registration D-AIAC, of CONDOR operator, took off from RWY 22 Burgas Airport performing flight DE1707 from LBBG to EDDP. During initial climb, at altitude 1500 ft. with speed 160 kt, the aircraft impacted a bird, the left engine received a damage to the fan blades which resulted in a loss of thrust. The crew continued climb to 4000 ft, declared emergency and decided to return and land back at LBBG. After performing the appropriate checklist, they were vectored for ILS approach to RWY 22 and landed safely on RWY 22 at 07:30 h. There were no injuries to the flight crew or passengers.

FINAL REPORT from the investigation to a serious incident occurred on September 17, 2017 with involved a MXP140, registration marks YU-A019, at landing at Slivnitsa airfield.

On September 17, 2017, at about 15:00 hrs, an ultra-light MXP140 aircraft with registration marks YU-A019 operated by a pilot-owner performed flights in the area of Slivnitsa airfield. After landing on RWY08, the aircraft left the runway to the left-hand side and stopped at 75 m from the runway edge at the airfield perimeter fence. The aircraft suffered minor damages after running outside the RWY and the collision into the peripheral fence. There were no consequences for the pilot and the on board passenger.

FINAL REPORT of the investigation on a serious incident, realized on 21.08.2017 on Balchic Airfield, District of Varna, by Cessna 172RG airplane, registration marks LZ-SPD, operated by Air Operator Avio Detachment - Varna Ltd.

On 21 August 2017 during the second flight for the day by Cessna 172RG, registration marks LZ-SPD, on landing approach for RWY34 at Balchik airfield, the commander forgot to extend the landing gear and A/C made a belly landing. After the full stop on the runway, the pilot left the cabin without injuries. There are some damages on the propeller and the lower surface of the airframe.