Aircraft, Maritime and Railway Accident Investigation

The Aircraft, Maritime and Railway Accident Investigation Directorate (AMRAID) is an independent national safety investigation authority conducting investigations of aviation occurrences, maritime accidents and railway accidents and incidents, and is a structural unit of the Ministry of transport, information technology and communications.

The main activities of AMRAID include:

  1. Organize and participate in investigations in relation to the safety and the implementation of preventive activities for safety in civil aviation, water and rail transport;
  2. Coordinate between departments and entities interested in the safety investigation of aviation occurrences, accidents in the maritime spaces and waterways and of accidents and incidents in rail transport of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  3. Organize and participate in international meetings related to investigation into safety in the different modes of transport;
  4. Maintain contact with safety investigation authorities of other countries for exchange of information and when necessary to attract experts in case of a serious accident.

Aircraft Accident Investigatio Unit

Maritime Accident Investigation

Raiway Accident Investigation

In the field of aviation safety investigation:

  1. Governance functions to ensure flight safety through investigation into aviation accidents and elaboration of recommendations with the purpose to avoid the occurrence of events caused by similar causes;
  2. Support the system of mandatory and voluntary reporting of aviation accidents, serious incidents and incidents;
  3. Organisation of the investigation in relation to the safety of aviation accidents and serious incidents and participation in the work of the investigation committees set up for the purpose;
  4. Keeping records of investigations and maintaining information database of the aviation events;
  5. Preparation and distribution of newsletters for the investigated aviation events in relation to the safety;
  6. In the process of investigation of aviation events, analysis of the activities of natural and legal persons in the field of aviation and functioning of the aviation sites and facilities associated with the particular occurrence;
  7. Serving as a contact point for the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Co-ordination Centre for Aircraft Incident Reporting Systems (ECCAIRS) and disseminate information to interested parties;
  8. While carrying out investigation activities, the inspectors of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) are guided by the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the European Union, the European Aviation Safety Agency, the European Civil Aviation Conference, the European Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) , the European Network for Investigation of Aviation Accidents, regulations for safety investigation of aviation events and the Methodology for action of the AAIU;
  9. Taking immediate investigative actions upon receipt of a notice of aviation event in the territory, airspace and territorial waters of the Republic of Bulgaria until setting up a commission for investigation.

In the field of marine accident investigation:

  1. Governance functions to carry out independent investigation of accidents;
  2. Organization and carrying out investigations of maritime accidents;
  3. Maintenance of a reporting system, investigations archive and database;
  4. Analysis of the actions of all individuals and legal entities in the field of navigation and operation of the facilities involved into the accidents investigated;
  5. Maintaining contacts and ensuring interaction with investigation bodies of the EU Member States and non-EU countries;
  6. Informing the European Maritime Safety Agency about the investigations conducted;
  7. Follow the recommendations of the International Maritime Organization and the European Maritime Safety Agency set out in their legal instruments related to the investigation of marine casualties;
  8. The investigating inspectors have the power to:

- conduct investigation of maritime accidents;

- have full and unrestricted access to all the evidences, related to maritime accidents;

- request and analyze oral and written statements from the crew, involved in the investigated accident;

- request and receive information from ship owners, operators, maritime administrations, Vessel Traffic Services, classification companies and data from ship recorders;

- include safety recommendations evolved from the investigation results in their final report for investigation.

In the field of investigation of accidents and incidents in the railway transport:

  1. Maintenance of a mandatory and voluntary system for reporting of accidents and incidents;
  2. Organisation and technical control of accident/incident investigation;
  3. Maintenance of investigation archive and database;
  4. In its organisation and decision making, the RAIU is independent of the Railway Administration Executive Agency, the Manager of the railway infrastructure, railway undertakings, as well as of any other person whose interests are in conflict with the functions of the unit;
  5. Analysis of the activities of all the persons and organisations, involved into the investigated accidents, analysis of the facilities condition;
  6. In case of a serious rail accident, communication of the information related to the investigation bodies of other member states and ERA and/or inviting experts to participate in the investigation;
  7. The investigating inspectors have the power to:

- conduct investigation into railway accidents and incidents;

- have access to the site of accident/incident, to any information, equipment and rolling stock related thereto, to all evidences related to the investigation, for which receive assistance from the government bodies whose functions and competence are relevant to the accident;

- request and analyze oral and written explanations from the participants, witnesses and other persons associated with the accident or incident.

Each investigation of event in the different modes of transport is finalized by Final Report with recommendations for increasing the level of safety included. The FR shall be submitted to the national and international organisations, responsible for the safety in the appropriate mode of transport and to the interested physical persons and published via the Internet portal of MTITC.

The Director of AMRAI Directorate presents to the Minister annual report on the measures taken by the addressees of the safety recommendations given into the final reports.

Every investigating inspector posseses inspector’s ID and pass approved by the Minister.