Chancery Directorate


  1. creates and maintains the archive processing through an automated information system, including a system for archiving and storing correspondence and records of the Ministry;
  2. files, examines and directs competently all incoming correspondence;
  3. consults and prepares certified copies of documents stored in filing and the institutional archive;
  4. monitors the implementation of the resolutions of the Cabinet and the Secretary and prepares reports for outstanding tasks;
  5. organizes the coordination and submission of Council of Minister’s draft acts to the Council of Ministers;
  6. provides the necessary information related to the meetings of the Council of Ministers to the members of the Cabinet and the Secretary;
  7. coordinating the technical activities with second level spending units to the Minister related to the preparation of materials for meetings of the Council of Ministers;
  8. keeps a records of draft regulations imported, reviewed and adopted by the Council of Ministers;
  9. summarizes and outlines the proposals of the Ministry for inclusion in the legislative and operational program of the Council of Ministers, prepares periodic reports on their implementation;
  10. organizes the informing of the departments on the acts of the Council of Ministers related to the activities of the Ministry and the second level spending units to the Minister;
  11. Carries out the analysis, reports and statements of the Ministry under Administrative Services Act of phisical and legal entities;
  12. hosts complaints and letters from citizens to the Ministry;
  13. organizes and ensures the activities for review and resolution of signals and proposals by citizens and organizations, as well as the administrative services to individuals and legal entities.