Human Resources Directorate


  1. prepares an official name table of the Ministry, prepares and updates the salaries of the Ministry;
  2. organizes activities on recruitment and competitions under the Labour Code and the Law on Civil Service at the Ministry;
  3. prepares acts and documents related to the creation, amendment, termination and registration of the labor relations with employees at the Ministry and stores official records of employees;
  4. accounts holidays and certifies their applications, issues and endorses the business and employment records, accepts medical certificates and submits them in accounting, prepares documents for the retirement of employees;
  5. provides methodological, organizational and technical support for the development and updating of job descriptions at the Ministry;
  6. plans and organizes staff trainings at the Ministry;
  7. participates in the organization and implementation of a system for assessing the work performance of employees at the Ministry;
  8. organizes and carries out social policy;
  9. develops and updates documents in the field of human resources;
  10. carries out entries ​​in the register of the administrative structures of art. 61, para. 1 of the Administration Act;
  11. conducts researches amongst employees, analyzes and informs supervisors of the implementation of the codes of conduct of the employees at the Ministry;
  12. participates in branch councils on working conditions;
  13. organizes the work of branch councils for tripartite cooperation at the Ministry on social policy matters in the field of transport, information technologies and communications;
  14. organizes and supervises the activities of the Ministry in policy area that ensures healthy and safe working conditions;
  15. stores disciplinary cases opened and reviewed by the Board.