National Development Programme BULGARIA 2030

The National Development Programme BULGARIA 2030 is adopted by Protocol No. 67 of the Council of Ministers of 2 December 2020.

The Programme is a strategic framework document of the highest order in the hierarchy of national programming documents, determining the vision and general goals of the development policies in all sectors of general government, including their territorial dimensions.

The document is based on the vision, goals and priorities of the National Development Programme BULGARIA 2030 approved by Decision No. 33 of the Council of Ministers of 20 January 2020. Three strategic goals have been determined – accelerated economic development, demographic upswing and reduction of inequalities, the implementation of which is envisaged through targeted policies and interventions, grouped into five interconnected and integrated development axes and 13 identified national priorities. 

The National Development Programme BULGARIA 2030 consists of detailed strategies for the priorities, including Priority 7 "Transport Connectivity" and Priority 8 "Digital Connectivity", for which the Ministry of Transport and Communications is designated as the lead ministry.    

The proposed measures in Priority 8 are aimed at improving access to high-speed internet in less populated regions and its active use by the population and businesses, as well as in the development of high-speed mobile internet in the country. Digital connectivity is set as the core of the digital transformation. Expanding access to high-speed internet in rural areas will be an important prerequisite for the development of smart and sustainable agriculture projects, boosting the local economy and improving the quality of life by providing access to a new generation of public and private digital services.