The Ministry of Transport and Communications organized Third National ELRC Workshop in Bulgaria

The Ministry of Transport and Communications organized Third National ELRC Workshop in Bulgaria, which will be held online on November 24, 2022, at 9:30 am. The event takes place within the European Language Resources Coordination (ELRC) project, in cooperation with the Institute for the Bulgarian Language at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
The aim of the project is to bridge the gap between the real needs and requirements of public administrations in EU countries and the capabilities of machine translation systems and to support all national languages in their quest for affirmation and full rights. Through the machine translation platform (eTranslation), the European Commission aims to build a real multilingual Digital single market, enabling multilingual communication, and the exchange of documents and other linguistic content between public administrations in Europe, as well as between administrations, citizens, and companies in EU countries. Providing access to information in different languages can bring significant benefits to both the economy and society. The service is open for use by all public administrations and, from mid-2020, for representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises, NGOs, university language faculties, and representatives of projects funded under the Connecting Europe Facility.
The European Commission is organizing a series of national workshops to overcome one of the main challenges to creating a functioning Digital Single Market in Europe - the language barriers that public administrations, ministries, and citizens face every day and the importance of the data created and stored by administrations and the possibilities to make it available.
The First National ELRC Workshop was held in 2016 and the second one in October 2018, which was highly appreciated by the European Commission and the representatives of the ELRC project and had the highest number of participants of all other countries.
At the Third National ELRC Workshop in Bulgaria, experts from the European Commission, public administrations, language service providers, and language technology professionals will share experiences and best practices on language technology, language data management and storage, and the benefits of using an automatic translation tool.
During the event, there will be presentations, panel discussions as well as a demonstration session on language and artificial intelligence technologies in Bulgaria.
The working language of the event is Bulgarian, with simultaneous translation from Bulgarian into English and back.
Participation in the workshop requires registration at:
More information and the Agenda of the workshop can be found on the ELRC website.