Strategy For The Development Of The Transport System Of The Republic Of Bulgaria Until 2020

The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications elaborated Strategy for the development of the transport system of the Republic of Bulgaria until 2020 in the period August-September 2009. The strategic document was adopted by the Council of the Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria on 7 April 2010.

The Strategy outlines the most important aspects for the development of the transport system during the next ten-year period. Medium and short-term programmes and schedules will be drafted on the basis of the priorities and measures set out in the strategic document. Medium-term programmes (4 years) will schedule the activities, projects and tasks of the incumbent governments. Short-term programmes represent action plans for the current year with specified deadlines and persons in charge. The relevant allocations from the state budget are defined in three-year budget forecasts, compliant with the trends for development as specified in the respective documents as stated herein.

All strategic documents for the next ten years should take into account this Strategy.

The format of the Strategy for the development of the transport system of the Republic of Bulgaria until 2020 complies with the format of strategic documents adopted by the European Union.

The document is based on the analysis of the existing situation and on the trends for development, as well as on factors, which are internal or external for the sector.

The strategic goals of the transport policy are as follows:

  • Achieving economic efficiency
  • Development of sustainable transport sector
  • Regional and social cohesion improvement

The strategic priorities of the transport sector are as follows:

  • Efficient maintenance, modernisation and development of the transport infrastructure
  • Integration of the Bulgarian transport system into the European transport system
  • Provision of transparent and harmonised competitive business environment of the transport market
  • Sufficient financing for transport sector development and performance. Efficient absorption of EU funds
  • Reduction of the transport sector negative impact on the environment and human health
  • Safety and security of the transport system
  • Provision of high-quality and accessible transport in all regions of the country
  • Sustainable development of urban passenger transport.

The vision for the development of the transport sector is that by 2020 Bulgaria should have a modern, safe and reliable transport system in order to satisfy the demand for high-quality transport services and to provide better opportunities for its citizens and business.