Final report of investigation of very serious marine casualty – capsizing and sinking of m/v „Elland”, on 08.02.2014

At 1430 on 07.02.2014  m/v „Elland” left the port of Constanţa, Romania. By 1600 on  the same day, entering the territorial sea of Bulgaria, the ship unexpectedly received a 10º list to the portside. The big list interrupted the cooling and lubrication of the diesel generator and it stopped working. The main engine stopped too. The ship remained without steerability, drifting, with a list to the portside. The subsequent attempts to restore survivability were unsuccessful. At 2100  the captain ordered the crew to be ready for abandoning the ship. Two turkish ships, as well as a bulgarian border police cutter, approached m/v"Elland". The crew was transferred to m/v "M. Izmir", after which all were transported to the port of Varna.

On 08.02.2014 attempts were made to rescue the ship by the tug "Eliza". Salvation was not possible due to the steadily increasing list of the ship. The heel of m/v "Elland" reached 45° to the starboard side and at 1635 on 08.02.2014 the ship capsized and sinked at a depth of 50 m.