Final Reports: 2024

Fire in locomotive No 91520044202-7, serviced IFT No 464 on 1.12.2023.

On 01.12.2023 at 07:32 a.m., IFT No 464 arrived at Zmeyovo station in composition of 2 coaches 8 axles 88 tonnes with locomotive No 91520044202-7. The train after a stay of 1 minute departed at 7:33 a.m. There was given a model II-A order for movement with a closed exit signal due to the repair of the railway switches in Zmeyovo station. The train movement between Zmeyovo station and Tulovo station was provided by telephone mode. The train was operated by rolling stock and staff of the railway undertaking “BDZ – Passenger Services” EOOD. The train run on a daily basis as per the TOS from Dimitrovgrad station to Gorna Oryahovitsa station.