Final Reports: 2016

Highball 4681 composed of locomotive 44-141 and 3 carriages with a total mass of 123 tons, engaged Mihailovo – Svoboda railway section from 12:05 to 12:55 hours LT, due to a fire occured in the locomotive engine while running.

While moving in Burgas – Karnobat direction on 14.09.2016, PT No 80290 (composed of EL No 44096 and two passenger wagons) got fire in its electrical locomotive in the Chernograd – Karnobat rail intersection. Immediately after smelling a smoke of the fire at approx. 15:00 LT, the locomotive crew stopped the train, called emergency and started fighting the fire with the fire extinguishers available.

At approx. 12:16 PM local time on 16.06.2016, while controlling the transit pass of fast train No 3622 through Dunavtsi station in Burgas – Sofia direction, the Traffic Manager on duty observed a smoke coming out from beneath the locomotive.

At approx. 11:07 PM on 13.04.2016 and while hauling regional train 8626 between the stations Aytos and Chernograd in Burgas – Sofia direction, electrical locomotive 44081.8 got fire in its engine compartment. The crew stopped the train, called the emergency and started fighting the fire. The fire was extinguished after 3,5 hrs. by the fire brigade.