The Internet Governance Forum - IGF is an United Nations discussion platform open to all interested parties. This year’s motto is "One World. One network. One vision." and the event will deal with current legal, political, social and technical issues on the Internet and its future. The IGF is conducted in a multi-stakeholder format, ie. not only governments, but also business, civil society and technical experts meet there. The IGF does not make decisions, but rather has an advisory function. It brings together experts from around the world to share know-how and perspectives. The results provide governments with important input and support for decision-makers at national, regional or international level in taking appropriate action. Due to the interest in last year's conferences, we expect about 3000 participants to attend the Forum this year.

Best Practice Forums (BPFs) are an intersessional programme of global IGF intended to complement other IGF community activities. BPFs offer substantive ways for the IGF community to produce more concrete outcomes.  BPFs are approved by the MAG (Multistakeholder Advisory Group) per year basis with the aim of enriching the potential of the global IGF results.


The BPF allows for experts and stakeholders to exchange on policy challenges and best practices experiences and has launched a survey to get insight in the community’s views on the use and of IoT-Big Data-AI applications to address societal challenges. The survey can be found here.

The thirteenth Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) will be hosted by the Government of France at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris from 12 to 14 November 2018.


The list of selected Workshops for the 2018 programme has been published. 


The list of approved Open Forums has been published.